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Wish To Hasten Death: a clinical vision of a new-old syndrome?

WeCare Chair. Universitat Internacional de Catalunya.
Barcelona, 29-30 November 2013


  • To contribute to disseminate the concept and current knowledge about the WTHD among interested professionals and persons on the subject.
  • To foster a network of clinicians and researchers interested in the clinical aspects of End-of-Life Care.
  • To discuss and share the current knowledge on WTHD in patients with advanced illness.
  • To explore possibilities and opportunities of a European study on WTHD with international partnerships.


Workshop Schedule

Friday, 29th November
10:00  Registration
10:30  Presentation WeCare
Chairs the Honorable Minister of Health of theGeneralitat de Catalunya, Mr. Boi Ruiz
11:00  Coffee Break with Presentation’s assistants
11:30  Wish to Hasten Death (WTHD): state of art
what can it mean for the patient who express it.Wish to Hasten Death: results of a Metaethnography
 Dr. Cristina Monforte
11:50   Results of a recent study in palliative care: WTHD and survival Results SeViDAM  Mr. Christian Villavicencio


WTHD and MIL a model Results SeViDAM  Dr. Steffi  Lichtenfeldand Dr. Cristina Monforte
12:30  Discussion & questions  Dr. Albert Balaguer and Dr. Markus Meier  (moderators)
13:00  Lunch
14:00  WTHD: from the philosophical point of viewAttitudes towards, and wishes for euthanasia in advanced cancer patients.  Dr. Lars Matersdvedt
14:20  WTHD: from the clinical point of viewEthics in end of life issues and decission making  Dr. Chris Gastmans
14:40  Discussion &questions  Dr. Lars Matersdvedt and Dr. Chris Gastmans
15:10  Coffee Break
15:40  Wish to Hasten Death: from the sociological point of view Medical end-of-life decisions: does its use differ in vulnerable patient groups?  Dr. Luc Deliens
15:55  Wish to Hasten Death: from the clinical point of viewIssues of “life” and “death” for patients receiving palliative care  Dr.  Alberto Alonso
16:10  Pendiente de confirmación título conferencia  Dr. Gerrit Frerich
16:25  Discussion & questions  Dr. Luc Deliens and Dr. Alberto Alonso
16:50  General discussion and comments
 Dr. Albert Balaguer, Dr. Josep Porta and Dr. Cristina Monforte
Speakers: Dra. Cristina Monforte, Sr. Christian Villavicencio, Dra. Steffi Lichtenfeld, Dr. Lars Matersdvedt, Dr. Chris Gastmans, Dr. Luc Deliens, Dr. Alberto Alonso, Dr. Gerrit Frerich, Dr. Albert Balaguer, Dr. Josep Porta
Time and Place: 10:30

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