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Programme for development and leadership in Palliative Care

Programme for development and leadership in Palliative Care

WeCare’s Programme for development and leadership in Palliative Care is an initiative that promote young researchers, sensitive to clinical realities, capable of asking questions and offering answers based on the most rigorous research. Through this programme, WeCare contributes one of the biggest challenges in the field of palliative care: research and decision making based on scientific evidence.

The basis of the programme: talent acquisition and individualised mentorship

Once a candidate is selected, their mentor works with him/her to identify strengths and weaknesses in their research skills. This represents a starting point to establish an action plan with an individual training itinerary, marking objectives and priorities. The programme facilitates access to further training activities.  

Fundamental aspects of the programme


All participants who do not already have a PhD are guided through access to the PhD programme, to help them to complete their doctorate studies. Candidates who already have a PhD are helped to expand and fine-tune their research skills, leading their own project,

Teaching and knowledge transfer

The programme participants are involved in training and scientific evidence dissemination activities in clinical, academic or social contexts. As such, part of the programme is directed at developing skills that allow for the efficient transfer of knowledge and dissemination among healthcare professionals, patients, family members and society as a whole.

 A summary of the programme so far…

The programme has trained 8 researchers with different professional profiles: 2 doctors, 4 nurses, 1 philosopher and 1 psychologist. Of them, 2 have completed their PhD, 5 are currently enrolled in the doctoral programme, and 1 is undertaking a post-doctoral research placement.

The participants have taken part in teaching activities for the nursing and medicine degrees at the UIC, they have carried our more than 20 conference communications or presentations and they have participated in courses or training sessions for healthcare professionals.


WeCare will continue to train researchers who will go on to achieve national recognition and provide an innovative perspective in the field of palliative care.


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