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XI National Congress of the Spanish Society of Palliative Care and VI Congress of the Valencian Society of Palliative Medicine. By | 5 November 2015

Where: Valencia

When: from the  05/11/2015 till the 06/11/2015

Organized by :SECPAL

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8th Àltima training day By | 23 October 2015



Image reference: Pope, Robert

The Àltima training sessions aim to provide continued training about end of life care.

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XII Congress of the Andaluza Society of Palliative Care By | 23 October 2015

Where: Granada

When: from the  23/10/2015 till the  24/10/2015

Organized by: Sociedad Andaluza de Cuidados Paliativos

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Meeting with international collaborators in Cologne By | 21 September 2015

The WeCare directors met with collaborators from six European countries in Cologne on 11th September to discuss possible joint projects.

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Andrea Rodriguez’s article – a humanist in Palliative Care By | 6 June 2015

Image reference: Pope, Robert (painting). 1989 Sparrow

Andrea Rodriguez, who is currently undertaking a PhD in the Humanities Faculty of the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya. Her thesis focuses on the theme of dignity and autonomy at the end of life and … Read More


EAPC 2015. 14th World Congress of the European Association for Palliative Care By | 8 May 2015

Where: Copenhagen, Denmark

When: 8-10th of May 2015.

Organized by: EAPC and DSPAM (Danish Association for Palliative Medicine)

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